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1147489_10152174356337340_1673446017_o(1)Después de varios meses vuelvo a escribir contando un poco sobre las actividades por las que estuve colaborando. Desde enero, apoyando la organización de actividades del lanzamiento de Firefox OS en Chile, en ese momento estuve como líder de equipo.

Participé del grupo desde la estructuración, reuniones de planificación hasta el día antes de la conferencia de prensa. Luego por decisión personal decidí salir del equipo, entré en un estado de estrés muy alto.

Luego del receso, un merecido descanso. Organicé mis objetivos como mozillera, en las comunidades siempre hay oportunidades de colaboración. Propuesta jamás faltan y es así que un día leyendo mi bandeja de entrada, llega un correo donde solicitan apoyo para solucionar problemas de compatibilidad en sitios web chilenas para el navegador Firefox en dispositivos Firefox OS. Cito correo más abajo en inglés:

Dear Lourdes Castillo,
I work for Mozilla on the new web compatibility team. We’re contacting websites to ask them to fix various things when they are broken or don’t offer an optimal user experience in Firefox.

I found you on Mozilla Reps, and since you’re the only Rep in Chile I’m writing to ask if you can help me organise some site testing and bug reporting.. We are reaching out to various countries that we want to prioritise, and Chile is one of them. I’m currently experimenting with making it easier and more efficient to find and report site bugs – here’s a UI experiment I’ve been setting up:

Here I’ve scanned through 100 websites that are considered important in Chile (data quality may vary..) and created double screenshots, on the left is the site approximately the way Firefox OS would show it, on the right is what the same site sends to an iPhone (but rendered in Mozilla to see if the iPhone content would work fine). It’s possible to step through the screenshots with left/right arrow keys. Ideally, we should have Evangelism bugs reported for *all* sites that give Firefox OS a worse user experience than the other smartphones, so to the right of the screenshots is a form for filling in a few details to “pre-fill” a bugzilla reporting form. It also lists bugs that were already filed for this hostname – so it’s quick and easy to see if the problem is known already!

I would like to ask if you can help us engage volunteers in Chile to help us with this work. We really need local knowledge, language skills etc.

Now, we need help at several stages. For example:

* Reviewing the list of sites and suggest additions or deletions. Maybe a site that was important years ago is included, and a newly popular one is missing?

* Going through the screenshots and reporting bugs. It’s ideally done by somebody who has a Firefox OS device or can test in the Firefox OS simulator – but it’s also possible and helpful to just report bugs based on the screenshots. Usually some of us will be around in the #webcompat IRC channel on the Mozilla IRC server if there are questions – we’re happy to guide anyone through compatibility bug reporting! Skype calls or chats is also an option.

* Helping us figure out what companies are responsible for what websites, and find good contacts – for example Twitter accounts for the respective companies, customer support or employee E-mails etc. Twitter accounts can be posted in the public bug – employee E-mail-addresses can be sent to us privately.

* Analysis and fix suggestions – for those who have some technical skills, or simply want to learn. (This part is pretty much what I’ve been doing for the last 13 years or so, and it’s how I learnt most of what I know about web technologies. Again, we’re happy to mentor anyone through these tasks.)

* Helping us with contact and outreach – send webmasters a friendly and polite request to ask that the site gets fixed..

The last part takes a lot of patience.. and sometimes fixes are implemented only to disappear again a little later, so we have to contact again :-(.. but exactly because this work takes a lot of time, it’s important to get started. I hope you will be able to find time to help us find some help here ;-).

(I also hope that it won’t take too much of your time to do so, as I’m sure you are busy!)

So – thank you in advance for any help you can offer.
Yours sincerely,
Hallvord R. M. Steen
Site Compatibility Tester @ Mozilla

PS: small note about the screenshots – the top-100 list obviously had some sites that were for adults, however I tried to remove any NSFW/adult sites from the top-100 list before scanning through the list to make sure it’s a family-friendly task to review them. I’m pretty sure that anyone can do this job anywhere without unexpected embarassments..

Bh_eqFsCMAA07WrSi llegaste hasta aquí con la lectura (disculpa que no haya traducido) te invito a que me ayudes, escríbeme a: contacto_at_lulucastillo_dot_cl

Bien, siguiendo con las actividades, he sido aprobada para formar parte de Firefox OS Tablet Contribution Program:


A la vez de crear mi primer manifest.webapp, mi primera aplicación sencilla que ya está en el marketplace de Firefox OS: sus próximas actualizaciones como es online, será jugar un poco con jquerymobile, no hay una fecha establecida para la actualización de la versión.


Ahora solo resta revisar la planificación del taller Firefox OS que estamos trabajando (bueno, en mi caso apoyando en la elaboración del documento, una asistente) del líder de desarrollo @psep_cl del equipo de Firefox OS Chile.

Captura de pantalla de 2014-04-06 00:31:11Para todas estas y otras tareas a más, uso y recomiendo @trello un excelente tablero kanban –

Por Mozilla Paraguay (como una de las fundadoras de la comunidad y siendo paraguaya, siempre estoy aquí colaborando), esta semana hemos apoyado fuertemente a Brendan Eich.



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