The big hackathon of the world: International Space Apps Challenge – Chile 2014

The last weekend (12 and 13 April), the Mozilla community in Chile participated at International Space Apps Santiago, Chile 2014. You can see the article, that I did on mozilla chile’s blog (spanish version).

Mozilla Chile’s blog

Event Description:

The International Space Apps Challenge is an international mass collaboration focused on space exploration that takes place over 48-hours in cities around the world. The event embraces collaborative problem solving with a goal of producing relevant open-source solutions (hackathon) to address global needs applicable to both life on Earth and life in space.

A panoramic of the big room where was developed the hackathon, for more of 250 people

Primary Audience:

Software and hardware developers, open-source platforms. Languages html5, javascript, css, (webapps), java, android, python. Corporate Executives: Government of Chile, ONGs, NASA, ALMA, Startups, software companies, etc.

Technical talk and demos for participant’s daughters in the International Space Apps Chile 2014

Relevant products that we explained in the intervention, interview and the stand: Firefox OS (Demos, Hacks, Web Apps and more), Firefox Web Browser, The Marketplace store, The Free and Open Web. So, the most important thing that we commented with people in the event is that Mozilla and Movistar in Chile launched the Firefox OS mobile phone with Alcatel OneTouch Fire.

Credits and kudos, fellow mozillians!

Credits and kudos to an awesome team:

Pablo Sepúlveda (Dev Lead of Firefox OS Team Chile), Psep has good projects and his experiences, helps and builds our devs community:

MetroMobile ( Firefox OS App for Metro de Santiago (unofficial). Techs: HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, JSON, GPS and OpenStreetMap, WebAPIs.

SaldoBip! ( Firefox OS App for check the Transantiago’s electronic purse (Bip! Card). Techs: HTML5, jQuery Mobile, Ajax, JSON.

ADIABChile ( Firefox OS App for Hackathons. Techs: HTML5, Javascript, CSS, JQuery.

apis-servicios ( APIs for state services (Transantiago) like query electronic purse (Bip! Card) and location of bus stops. Techs: PHP, cURL, JSON, REST.

Sebastian  Becerra (Dev Firefox OS Team Chile), Seba has experience in the mozilla community since 2008. He did lot of talks in universities and high schools. He has a strong personality and good relations public with people. The boy has a good english skills!

Scarlett Melgarejo (mozillian & womoz), Skamel is from the joomla community, she develops workshops in universities and explains how to use the mozilla’s products. She was invited to the team for her strong skills on the web. She is in the community since 2012 (first in Mozilla hispano) now in our local group.

Lourdes Castillo (mozilla rep & womoz). So, i’m co-founder of mozilla Paraguay community since 2009 (building community, events, projects, found good leaders and now mozilla reps in Paraguay). Then for love, I decided to move in Chile and here, since 2012. I don’t stop with my volunteering because for me is important the health of the open web and keep the knowledge on is a strong mission wherever I am.

  • 22:50 minutes –streaming, interview in the International Space Apps Challenge Chile about mozilla and Firefox OS: privacy, multiplatform,  accessibility, free and open web –Chile.

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